Poème : Outside

28 septembre 2018
When you shut the door
and I found myself in the darkness with your ghost,
I truly thought it was the end of everything.
I knocked, I kicked, I cried, whispered and screamed for you to open.
But again and again, nothing happened.
I sat down depleted, with my back against the wall.

And as I let my breath slow down and my eyes dry, I started to notice outside wasn't all dark.

I took a few steps away from the door. I was scared to the bones.
Many times, I came back running and pleading: Please, won't you open?
But your silence was unending. And it became my rock.

I found peace in the night.
I got acquainted with myself.
I went on journeys, long and wide.
And from time to time I even got to forget about you for a while.

I still pass by the door sometimes.
I catch myself staring.
But I don't sit. I know what it would do to me.
So I breathe in. And I breathe out.
I think of all the adventures that await.

In the distance, I can see the sun hatching.
And I smile the sadness away.